Oct 01 2016

The Skye is Falling!

Skye’s owner thought it was the end of the world; losing his best friend to being run over by a truck. He could not stand the idea of his beloved girl dying in pain. However, Skye was happy and wagging her tail when she came into the hospital with her owner and until she turned around and we saw the huge gash on her flank, you could not even tell anything was wrong with her! Skye had been run right over by a truck only an hour prior, but was more than willing to give kisses and say hello to all that came to her.

Dr Jason spoke with Skye’s owner and informed him the “gash” on her flank was much more worrisome that it even appeared at the time. At surgery, it was determined the laceration was massive and had created an injury that extended from her hip all the way to her shoulder. Numerous skin stretching techniques were used to allow us to close up her injuries and Skye has enjoyed a wonderful recovery.


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