Jan 01 2017

The Recurrent Abscess!

Vinny presented to the Huntsville Animal Hospital for a recurring swelling that kept developing in his upper neck over the period of many months. His owners would notice that Vinny would acutely become lethargic, be completely disinterested in food (even treats and food falling from the children’s plates!) and would even cry out in pain. Each time this occurred the firm swelling that was present on his upper neck that was usually about half the size of a golf ball, would rapidly swell to the size of a soft ball.

Dr Jason placed Vinny under general anesthetic and did an “exploratory surgery” of the area and found a connecting tract from the inside of Vinny’s mouth to this centre of the mass on Vinny’s neck. Full of putrid debris and infection, this confirmed an abscess from a foreign material. Surprisingly, a tiny 9 millimetre wood splinter was found that was the source of the pain, infection and inflammation. The abscess was drained completely and a latex drain was placed from Vinny’s oral cavity (arrow) through the draining tract (white drain seen) and Vinny had a rapid and complete recovery. He was quickly back to being by the children’s sides when it was dinner time!


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