Feb 01 2017

Trying to behave like a Beaver!

Rosco gave his owners a good scare one morning, after frolicking in his yard, when he began to gag and act frantically as though something was caught in his throat. His parents immediately brought him to Huntsville Animal Hospital and Dr Jason quickly revealed that he had a stick lodged between the teeth of the upper jaw (the maxillary dental arcade) causing him distress. A brief sedation was all that was required to remove this firm piece of wood to prevent any further trauma.

This is a common occurrence with pets that are vigorous stick/wood chewers. A perfectly sized piece of wood can become lodged between the upper chewing teeth and in some cases can be present for many days, or even weeks or months, before being noticed. Luckily for Rosco this was a quick and easy fix and he was back to chewing sticks and being a big goof in his yard within a few hours.

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