May 01 2017

Breath of Fresh Air

Sophie initially presented for concerns with corneal ulcers on both eyes. Her owners had also long noticed she would have a difficult time breathing when even mildly active, especially during the summer, when she could barely go outside on hot or humid days. Her nostrils were noted to be very tight (stenotic nares) and the sound she made while breathing (and snoring!), supported her throat had a soft palate problem. Unfortunately, many puppies do not have their stenotic nares addressed when young and are very easily corrected. Over time this leads to what is referred to as “turbulent airflow” through the nasal cavities and the upper airway. This causes a whole host of concerns over time, depending on how advanced the stenotic nares are, and is referred to as “Brachycephalic Syndrome”. Some breeds, particularly English and French Bulldogs, Pekingese, Shiz Tzu, Lhasa Apso, Boxers, and the like are most affected. Advanced cases require surgery to be performed on the palate and throat areas as well as the nostrils.


Sophie underwent surgery to correct her inverted eyelids that were causing the corneal ulcers, and nasal and soft palate surgery to help her respiration. Within literally minutes of surgery Sophie was breathing with her mouth closed and within days was much more comfortable, active and mom now says they cannot locate her in the house based on following her snoring sound- she is totally silent! And on top of it, she has lost 5 lbs in only 2 weeks!


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