• Jul 18 2018

    Not Always “Routine”

    There are many procedures that we perform that are usually straightforward and commonly referred to as ‘routine’ including spays, neuters, dental cleanings and the like.  We do our best to…

  • May 01 2017

    Breath of Fresh Air

    Sophie initially presented for concerns with corneal ulcers on both eyes. Her owners had also long noticed she would have a difficult time breathing when even mildly active, especially during…

  • Apr 01 2017

    Laser the Short-hair Pointer

    Laser, a short-haired Pointer, presented to the Huntsville Animal Hospital for an acute onset soreness and a firm, pink, raised nodule on the top of his one front paw.A few…

  • Mar 01 2017

    Eye for An Eye

    Gus presented one day for a profound anaphylactic reaction that is common in dogs during the Spring through Fall months. In most cases, a bee or wasp sting is the…

  • Feb 01 2017

    Trying to behave like a Beaver!

    Rosco gave his owners a good scare one morning, after frolicking in his yard, when he began to gag and act frantically as though something was caught in his throat….

  • Jan 01 2017

    The Recurrent Abscess!

    Vinny presented to the Huntsville Animal Hospital for a recurring swelling that kept developing in his upper neck over the period of many months. His owners would notice that Vinny…

  • Dec 01 2016

    The Cat that Lost Its Bark

    Felix lived with dogs. He played like a dog, he would come when called, and he would fetch. The owners thought he thought he was a dog. As a kitten…

  • Nov 01 2016

    Why did I eat that?!?!

    Howie presented as a very sick and sad Labrador Retriever, certainly not his normal self. Howie was known to ingest cat litter, BBQ grease and any food material he could…

  • Oct 01 2016

    The Skye is Falling!

    Skye’s owner thought it was the end of the world; losing his best friend to being run over by a truck. He could not stand the idea of his beloved…

  • Sep 01 2016

    Management of Elbow Calluses

    Many dogs come into the clinic with patches of elephant-like skin on their elbows, and owners want to know “What is that?” These are often non-painful, calluses that develop on…