Jun 17 2016

Beat the Heat!

How you can help keep your dog cool on hot Muskoka days:

  • Avoid exercise during hot times of the day, move walks to early morning, or evening.
  • Leave your dog at home, if you are headed out with the family or have running around to do, leave your dog in the comfort of their home. Hot cars kill.
  • Provide fresh cool water
  • Avoid hot pavement – if it’s too hot for your bare feet, it is too hot for your dogs
  • Mist or spritz with cool water
  • Take out for a swim in one of our many lakes and rivers
  • Provide freezable water toys (Available at Bracebridge Animal Hospital)
  • Thin or white coated dogs are prone to sunburns
  • Always provide a shady area when outside
  • Have fans on in the house during the day when you are out that your dog can choose to go lay in front of if it gets to hot indoors.
  • Some dogs are more susceptible to heat stroke including black coated, brachecypalic dogs, senior dogs, and overweight dogs.
  • For more information on heat stroke visit our website at: https://www.bracebridgeanimalhospital.org/news/heat-stroke-in-dogs/

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