Jan 08 2016

Extra Treats = Extra Pounds

Many people come into the veterinary clinic and are shocked to find out that their furry friend is overweight. A lot of the times these pets are fed 2 meals a day so their owner can’t figure out why there was a weight gain. Unfortunately many of the treats we give our pets are high in calories, for example a large “Milk Bone” treat contains about 115 calories. Even healthy treat options can contain lots of calories, for example the “Veggie Dent” chews we sell at the clinic contain 119 calories per regular chew. Considering most dog foods contain roughly 350 calories per cup of kibble, giving these treats on a regular basis can substantially increase the amount of calories that the pet eats in a day. So in order to prevent weight gain, we must subtract the treat calories from the daily food allowance. This means feeding less at meals to account for the treats.

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