Apr 02 2013

Leptospirosis and Your Pet

Spring is upon us! Snow is melting, rivers are running, and animals are sleepily coming out of hibernation. However, with all the beauty nature provides us, comes the threat of the infectious disease Leptospirosis. Leptospirosis is a disease of both animals and people that is caused by Leptospira bacteria. The most common way of contraction is when your dog comes in contact with infected wildlife or areas where the wildlife have contaminated the environment, such as stagnant water. Here in Muskoka it is a serious risk as we are surrounded by beaver ponds, streams, ditches and plentiful wildlife.

Unfortunately, this disease is not easily diagnosed as the early stages appear as flu like symptoms, which can be confused with many other illnesses. If Leptospirosis is not identified in time it can cause liver and kidney failure, and even death. This is especially scary as it can be transmitted to humans through contact with an infected animal. If your pet is diagnosed with Leptospirosis it is recommended that you contact your healthcare provider as a precaution.

The good news is that we can reduce the risk of transmission and prevent your pet from getting infected by giving them a yearly vaccination against Leptospirosis.

We offer the Leptospirosis vaccine at both of our clinics and strongly recommend that every dog be vaccinated for this deadly disease. Ask any of our team members or refer to our website articles for more details.

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