Feb 29 2016

Osurnia – New Ear Infection (Otitis) Treatment

Osurnia is a new convenient medication available for treatment of ear infections (otitis).  It brings comfort to your dog in just 2 simple treatments one week apart.   Treatments are done at the veterinary clinic eliminating messy ear cleaning or treating at home!  The day your dog is diagnosed with an ear infection, we will clean the ears thoroughly and instil the first dose of Osurnia into the affected ear(s).  At recheck exam one week later the second dose is instilled.  Osurnia is indicated for many infections however there are some cases where it will not be effective.  Your veterinarian can take ear swabs for cytology (microscopic evaluation) which will be able to confirm whether or not this treatment will work for your pet.  The cost of treatment is comparable to other medications that need to be used daily.  We are very excited to be able to offer this new treatment as it will quickly provide comfort to your pet while causing minimal stress to both you and your pet during treatment.

Dr. Hayley Martin – Huntsville Animal Hospital

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