Jun 13 2016

What are you getting yourself into?

How big will your reptile get? What should you be prepared for space wise?

Red-eared Sliders

Size: 4-8” as an adult (about the size of a dinner plate)

Housing: 30-50 gallon tank, preferably an aquarium if you would like to watch your turtles swim, however if you do not wish to watch them swim a 50 Tupperware container will do just fine.

Ball Python:

Size: 4-5 Feet in length as an adult

Housing: They move through from 10-30 gallon tanks based on their age, starting off with a 10 gallon is enough room for a baby, but they will shortly grow out of that size and you will need to purchase something larger.

Leopard Gecko:

Size: 8-9 inches as an adult

Housing: Leopard geckos don’t require a lot of space you can house 3-4 adult geckos comfortably in a 20 gallon tank.

Bearded Dragon:

Size: 20 inches long as an adult

Housing: Bearded Dragons do need a large habitat they are also a desert lizard so you want to choose a tank that is longer instead of taller. You will go through staging of tanks with these guys as well, starting off with a 20 gallon for a juvenile, but as an adult they need 50+ gallons to play around in.

Written by Kellie Downey RVT

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