• Keeping Your Outdoor Cat Happy Indoors Over The Winter

    Dec 20 2013

    Do you have a cat that likes to go outside in nice weather but with the recent drop in temperature doesn’t seem as eager to run out the door? Many “seasonally” outdoor cats turn into couch…

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    Hallowe'en Safety Tips for Your Pets!

    Oct 11 2013

    Halloween is just around the corner. As you start to prepare by picking the perfect pumpkin or decorating your house, take a few minutes to ensure that your Halloween will be pet friendly. …

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    Walk for Farley

    Oct 11 2013

    The Farley Foundation …

  • Have Your Pet Spayed or Neutered!

    Sep 20 2013

    Many owners are apprehensive about having their pet dog, cat, or rabbit, spayed or neutered.  Their primary concerns surround the risks of general anesthesia, that they may ultimately want to breed…

  • Raw Food Diets and Your Pet

    Sep 06 2013

    Have you ever thought about feeding your pet a grain free, all natural, or even a raw food diet? With the growing trend in the human population to eat “organic” and “holistic”, naturally…

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    First Aid for Your Pet

    Aug 30 2013

    In an emergency: …

  • Firework and Thunderstorm Phobias

    Jun 27 2013

    With the Canada Day long weekend quickly approaching and thunderstorm warnings for our area, we wanted to remind you of some firework and thunder fear prevention tips. …