Anterior Cruciate Ligament Repair

This is the most commonly seen orthopedic condition at our hospital. Pets usually present with a sudden onset lameness of one of their hind legs, where they can usually walk on the leg slightly, but prefer to toe-touch with the injured limb. Diagnosis is usually made quickly based on physical examination and palpation of the leg.

The cruciate ligament is a very important stabilizing ligament of the knee joint. In most cases, the ligament has torn completely thus the resulting instability in the knee that leads to the pet not wishing to walk on the leg

This injury can occur in any breed of dog, and even in cats, and often occurs in athletic, very active dogs. Owners often feel their pet has simply “strained a muscle”- but don’t be fooled. A torn cruciate ligament is very painful. Despite this most pets do not cry or whimper, they simply don’t walk well. Left untreated, the knee joint very quickly becomes severely arthritic and limits the pet’s ability to walk, run and jump. If you feel you pet may have a torn cruciate ligament, please do not hesitate to call us.

At Bracebridge Animal Hospital, we have Dr. Jason McLeod who has a special interest in orthopedic injuries and has advanced specialized training in Anterior Cruciate Ligament Repair surgeries. Be assured, if your pet has orthopedic disease or has suffered an orthopedic injury, our hospital will facilitate appropriate treatment and develop a comprehensive plan for rehabilitation and physiotherapy to aid your pet’s recovery and reduce the long term potential complications related to the disease or injury.