Complete Medical Assessment

A complete medical assessment is a term used to describe the process of performing a full physical exam of your pet, discussing the history of the presenting reason or concern with you regarding your pet and developing a medical plan for your pet.

A physical exam entails examining closely the various “systems” of your pet, which includes the ocular (eyes), otic (ears), oral (mouth, including dental), integument (skin/ hair coat), cardiovascular (heart and blood vessels), respiratory (lungs and airway), musculoskeletal (muscles, ligaments, tendons and bones), gastrointestinal (throat, stomach, liver, pancreas, intestines and colon), urogenital (urinary bladder, kidneys, urethra) and neurological (brain and nerves) systems.

Blood tests, urine tests, radiographs (X-rays), ultrasound or other tests may be required if any abnormalities are found. The complete medical assessment is done with the owner so thorough discussion can take place and any tests being suggested can be explained.