At Bracebridge¬†Animal Hospital¬†we strive to promote a preventative approach to oral and dental care. This area of your pet’s comprehensive wellness program is one of the most important components of your pet’s long term health and comfort.

Although historically pet dental care has often been overlooked we know that between 60% and 90% of adult cats and dogs have significant periodontal disease. Bad breath noticed by owners is not “normal” and most pets will not show any indication of the pain they may be experiencing. Dedicated owners with the help of our veterinary team members can prevent this discomfort with regular dental care.

Companion animal dental care is provided through ultrasonic cleaning, subgingival scaling (below the gumline), polishing and surgical treatment or extraction of diseased teeth. Traumatic injuries such as jaw fractures or dislocations can also necessitate dental therapy..

Companion Animal Dentistry differs from human dentistry in many ways. Your pet’s teeth are much more prone to injury because of their different anatomical structure and differences in the way pet’s teeth impact one another compared with human teeth. The root structures of a pet’s tooth are much larger than a human’s making extraction of teeth and identification of root infections considerably more difficult. The enamel on the surface of your pet’s teeth is much thinner than a human’s yet their bite strength is much greater thus predisposing them to chips and fractures. Pets also instinctively hide signs of oral pain and discomfort making dental disease difficult for pet owners to recognize. Often pets will only shows outward signs of discomfort in very advanced disease and infection. Pets also require anesthesia for dental work to be performed as it is not safe nor is it humane to attempt dental therapy on a conscious pet.

At Bracebridge Animal Hospital our goal is to integrate an oral health care plan into your pet’s comprehensive wellness program. We will help to educate you regarding your pet’s oral health care needs so we can work together as a team to help your pet live without oral discomfort. If you have any questions regarding oral health care for your pet, please call to discuss what we can do for your companion.