Dermatology (Skin)

Skin, ear and hair coat diseases are among the most common issues we deal with at Bracebridge Animal Hospital. All of our veterinarians are well trained as general dermatologists and are able to diagnose and treat most common diseases of the skin, ears and hair coat. Diagnosing a dermatological issue with your pet may be very simple, or it may be very complex and require additional diagnostic tests such as blood work, urinalysis, biopsies or various skin tests including allergy testing. Our veterinarians can identify bacteria, yeast, parasites, allergies, autoimmune, neoplastic (cancer) and hormonal issues through a variety of in-clinic testing and external laboratory testing. We have an association with pathologists and cytologists that may aid us in the appropriate diagnosis for your pet.

Please contact us if you have any concern with your pet’s skin, ears or hair coat. It is always best to have any discolouration, scab, irritation or redness, lump or new growth investigated by our veterinarians for your peace of mind.