Medical Financing

At Bracebridge, we accept payment by cash, Interac, Visa, Mastercard, or PetCard. Medical emergencies occur when least expected, and due to their very nature, timely medical treatment is imperative to a positive outcome. When owners are burdened with financial decisions and arrangements in the face of an emergency, our ability to deliver important medical care can be impeded.

We encourage all pet owners to consider the financial ramifications of a medical emergency before it actually occurs. Pet Insurance that covers accident and illness, or a separate credit card used solely for your pet care may be viable solutions for you.

Petcard is a financing company specializing in veterinary care. With various options including fixed monthly payment programs and credit card programs, there are no penalties for early payment. If this is the best option for you, we encourage you to apply for approval so that coverage is in place when you need it. This type of credit can also be used for elective procedures such as spaying or neutering, dentistry, annual vaccinations and conditions that are excluded by your pet insurance – virtually any type of expenditure you may have at our veterinary hospital. With competitive interest rates and easy monthly payments, some clients opt to use this credit card to pay for the veterinary care, then use their pet insurance reimbursement to pay down their credit card.