Castration surgery, commonly known as Neuter or Neutering, is a surgical procedure performed on male pets to render them infertile. There are numerous benefits to neutering your male pet companion including:

  • Helping to control the unwanted breeding of pets and the overpopulation of cats and dogs that most communities face
  • Behavioural issues in male cats and dogs, including spraying of urine, urine marking, mounting behaviours, dominance aggression and roaming can all be drastically reduced, if not completely eliminated by simply neutering your pet
  • Finally, many health related issues can be reduced or eliminated, such as urinary and kidney infections, perineal hernias, testicular and prostate disease and cancer. Statistically speaking, your male pet has a much higher chance of developing cancer when not neutered

Neutering can be performed using various anesthetics. If you are calling other hospitals to inquire about costs for surgery, please keep in mind that at Bracebridge Animal Hospital your pet’s safety is our greatest concern. We use modern, very safe anesthetics and monitor closely during all surgeries with qualified registered veterinary technicians (R.V.T.) and advanced monitoring equipment. Your pet will also be supported with intravenous (I.V.) fluid therapy and warming pads and blankets during the procedure and will receive pain management in the form of analgesics, prior to, during and after the procedure. Not all hospitals provide this level of comfort, safety and pain management hence they may quote for a lesser charge on surgery.

Although the risk of anesthetic complications in healthy pets is very low, our protocols, monitoring equipment and highly trained staff allow us to respond to emergencies rapidly. Rapid responses and proper monitoring with highly skilled staff saves lives. If you would like to know more of neuter surgery for your pet, please give us a call and arrange to see our surgical facility.