Pet Insurance

Medical emergencies occur when least expected, and due to their very nature, timely medical treatment is imperative to a positive outcome. When owners are burdened with financial decisions and arrangements in the face of an emergency, our ability to deliver important medical care can be impeded.

We encourage all pet owners to consider the financial ramifications of a medical emergency before it actually occurs. Pet Insurance that covers accident and illness can ensure your ability to be able to accept the treatment plan recommended by your veterinarian when your pet has been injured or becomes ill.

There are several reputable providers of pet insurance in Canada. Once you have found a policy that works for you, pet insurance provides peace of mind. There are many things to consider in researching and purchasing your pet insurance policy. Areas that you should be certain to research include, but are not limited to:

  • Waiting periods before your insurance takes effect
  • Exclusions, pre-existing conditions
  • Cancer and what is needed to prove a diagnosis
  • Age limitations
  • Breed limitations
  • Routine wellness and elective procedures (such as vaccinations, spaying, neutering or dentistry)
  • Accident and illness – what is included?
  • Deductibles – how much and how often?
  • Illness or accident maximums – how much and how often?
  • Once insured, can the company change the criteria or coverages based on prior claims?
  • Once insured, can the owner request a change to the plan level or coverages?
  • Claim procedures and turnaround times

In order to make an insurance claim, typically the services must first be paid for before you can submit your claim. You will then be reimbursed according to the plan you have chosen and related deductible.