Tibial Tuberosity Advancement (TTA) Surgery

Bracebridge Hospital is are pleased to provide and accept referrals for TTA surgery. Tibial Tuberosity Advancement is a relatively new procedure that is utilized to aid dogs that have suffered Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) tears.

TTA surgery is performed by creating a precise cut, or ostectomy, in the tibia. The ostectomy is then advanced forward a precise amount based on calculations made from the radiographs (x-rays) specific to the individual dog. All dogs differ slightly, thus these calculations are made prior to surgery to determine precisely the amount of forward advancement that is required for your dog. The advancement is then stabilized in place with a complex titanium plate and stabilizing system called a tibial tuberosity advancement fork and plate. This plate is then anchored to the longer shaft of the tibia with orthopedic screws.

The result is an extremely stable and precise correction of the deficiency of the kneejoint due to the tearing of the ligament. This technique does not attempt to replicate the ligament with artificial materials and is extremely well tolerated by dogs, even very heavy or older dogs. TTA also has the advantage of being an excellent surgery choice for chronically affected and severely arthritic dogs. It is even possible to perform TTA on both legs at the same time for dogs that have the condition in both knees. This drastically reduces surgical costs and recovery times and greatly reduces the length of time owners are required to aid their dogs during the post-operative period.

TTA is well considered to be the technique of choice for ACL injuries because it allows for dogs to recover very rapidly and the implant is so strong and stable that dogs use their legs very quickly post-operatively. This allows for dogs to heal faster, feel much better and return to normal exercise and activity in a very short period of time. TTA also allows petowners a much shorter period of time they are responsible for post-operative care and physiotherapy.

Please ask us for references from owners who have seen the benefits of TTA surgery versus other techniques and hear their stories as to why they advocate for TTA surgery for your pet.