Wellness and Weight Loss

Overweight and obese pets are an increasing problem in veterinary medicine, just as in human medicine. Current estimates of obesity range from 25-40% of pets examined, with causes generally being a combination of over-feeding, inappropriate food choices, and inadequate exercise. And just as in humans, overweight animals are found to be at increased risk for heart, liver, and joint disease , as well as diabetes , suppressed immune systems, and anesthetic complications.

At Bracebridge Animal Hospital we are committed to providing your pet with the best opportunity to achieve an ideal body condition, knowing that this will help promote a long and healthy life. Generally this involves a change in food as well as a change in lifestyle habits, such as treat feeding and physical activity.

The SlimFit™ program, designed by Medi-Cal Royal Canin, helps us calculate your pets caloric needs and counsel you through the nutritional of the weight loss plan. This monitored weight loss plan is available without charge to clients whose pets are on the appropriate veterinary recommended diet.

Please speak with our staff if you would like to know more about the SlimFit™ program!