• Summer Road Trips with Your Pet

    Some vacations are well-suited to include your furry friend, but it is important to keep a few things in mind when preparing to travel with a pet, so your trip is memorable…in a good way! Here are a few tips to consider before you set out on your summer road trip!

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  • Flu Vaccine Available for Dogs

    Similarly to how rampant human influenza can spread throughout a population, canine influenza is just as easily contracted. This can be through direct exposure to another ill dog, or simply from the environment. Click here to learn how to help protect your dog.

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  • ALERT for all dogs suffering from allergies!

    Does your dog suffer from allergies? Your dog is not alone… There has been new advancements in the treatment of allergies in dogs, click here for more information.

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  • First Aid for Your Pet

    Click here for detailed first aid instructions that you should add to your pet’s emergency first aid kit. Don’t have a first aid kit for your pet? Stop in at our clinic to order yours today.

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  • Heat Stroke Prevention

    Never ever, ever leave your dog in the car. Not on cooler days, not in the shade, not with the windows open. If you are stopping anywhere that you can’t bring your dog, leave him at home.

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  • Life Vest Save Lives

    Having a life vest for your four legged friends plays a big role in keeping your pets safe in and around water during the summer season. Click here for a team member’s pet near drowning experience.

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  • Important Information About Ticks in Muskoka

    Many clients are finding ticks on their pets on a regular basis and often this is occurring PRIOR to beginning the typical preventative medications used historically. Please click here for more information on how to keep your pet safe this tick season.

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  • The Importance of Pet Insurance

    As much as we try to keep our pets safe, it is inevitable that they will get sick or have an accident sometime throughout their lifetime. There are many hard decisions when you have to bring your pet to see a veterinarian especially when it is an emergency.

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  • Osurnia – New Ear Infection (Otitis) Treatment

    Osurnia is a new medication available for the treatment of ear infections. Two treatments at the veterinary clinic eliminate messy ear cleaning or medication at home!

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  • Proudly Certified Cat Friendly Practice

    Our practice has made the commitment to you and your cat by becoming a certified Cat Friendly Practice. Discover the benefits for your cat by clicking here or speaking with our team members.

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